Huggable Urns

Yes, be afraid. Hold Me Urns, Inc. has come up with a new product: Huggable Urns. Basically, you put the ashes of your loved one into a little velvet plastic-lined pouch. The pouch then goes into a zippered pocket in a pillow (for human-sized ashes) or a smaller stuffed teddy bear, dog, or cat (for “smaller portions” of ashes). The animals and pillows are embroidered with the words “Hold Me,” and you can further personalize them, even with t-shirts or sports memorabilia in the case of the stuffed animals. As the site states, “It’s nice to know that your loved one’s final resting place is in one of these Huggable Urns (TM) and always around you ready to hug when ever you feel the need.”

I understand that people cope with grief in all sorts of ways, and if this company is providing comfort to grieving families, that’s great. But personally, the idea of hugging a stuffed animal or a pillow with someone’s ashes in it creeps me right the hell out.

Found via Nealz Nuze.