Okay, here’s some more winners as we climb out of the contest crater:

Cinema Classics:

Kermit Crissey of New York
Catherine Manna of Pennsylvania
Paul Meade of Pennsylvania
Niki Moyer of Pennsylvania
Don Willford of Texas

Good God, that’s the first time we’ve ever gotten three winners from the same state. Man that’s weird. And I checked their addresses, folks, they’re all legit from what I can tell. I guess Pennsylvania really got the lead out for this one. Wild.

Okay, anyway, on with the show:

London winners:

Chad Thomas of Alabama gets the poster and the CD with Paul McCoy of Washington getting the CD.

And lastly, for now, Bill Hicks winners:

Laurie Ferguson of Oregon
Lisa Jochelson of Maryland

Oh, and Amanda Henry–your e-mail is kaput. Ping me back in seven calendar days to claim your Dragons, dear heart, or I’ll have to draw another name in our donations giveaway for February! I’m giving you seven days! Come back to us!