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Well, It Is All About Rising From the Dead…

Now, if you’re Goth and Christian, you have somewhere to go to drink blood and eat flesh: the Goth Eucharist of St. Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge, England.

The alternative service, complete with candlelight, black vestments, and t-shirts with pictures of Christ that say “remember, if they hate you now, they hated me first,” was the brainchild of an associate vicar, himself a self-proclaimed Goth. He hopes to lure in the new generation with trendiness and a welcoming, but suitably heavy and depressing, atmosphere.

Fundamentalists are outraged (they’re not sure why) and agin’ it. Formalists and traditionalists everywhere want to vomit and die. Progressives, however, are probably, well, at least okay with it. Goths themselves were too busy writing emo poetry to comment.