Review: It takes a lot to really get my attention when it comes to caffeinated beverages. I mean I’ve consumed more caffeine so far in my lifetime than most people will during their entire span. I am a caffeine achiever.

But when you come out and boast that you’ve got a drink that has 294mg of caffeine in it, you definitely have my attention. Let me put that in perspective for those of you who don’t, like I do, have Energy Fiend’s caffeine database committed to memory. It’s basically twice what’s in a 16 oz. can of Rockstar. Twice your normal cup of coffee. More than twice what’s in a Full Throttle. Three times what’s in your usual shot of espresso. Almost four times what’s in a Red Bull. And more than eight times what’s in a can of Coke.

Besides caffeine it also sports 3000mg of Taurine, 160% and 500% of your daily recommended allowance of B12 and B6, respectively.

That’s a lot of stats but I just wanted to make it clear: this is not a drink for pansies. If you have no tolerance, you might want to sip slowly–because it is indeed a potent thing. But fine, so it’ll put hair on your chest. How does it taste? The taste, frankly, is unremarkable. It tastes like most energy drinks taste: fizzy and a little citrusy. But in the case of being packed with this much fuel, the fact that you can only slightly perceive the taste of the stuff under the engine is what is remarkable. Too much caffeine in one place can make stuff taste wonky, but this has a very low wonk factor. So it’s eminently chuggable.

As for its effects? Well, like I said, I’ve got a high tolerance. I haven’t gotten anywhere near overstimulated since the last time the Specialty Coffee Association convention blew through town and I worked the floor for free samples. So your mileage may vary. But for me, it was a very smooth pick-me-up. I felt it behind my eyes first, but at no time did I feel my hair growing: a sure sign that I’m off to the races.

So the verdict is: it’s nice, it’s smooth, it’s reasonably tasty, and it packs a wallop of caffeine. Would I drink it again? Are you kidding? The Wired Energy Drink folks sent two others besides this empty can. I’m going to savor them. Their E-Store is still “Coming Soon” on the site…I’ll ask them to give us a headsup when you can go pester them for your own.