“An MP3? Why That’s 21 Boxes of Punch Cards.”

Lorne Greene Japanese single

There’s something (useless) you should know about me. I haven’t been around as a whole lot of folks, but I did train on a memory typewriter. And a Displaywriter, a magnificent $14K word processor. And just to keep some perspective about technology, I keep an old PC 5/25″ diskette drive by my desk so I can heft it in one hand and my entire freaking laptop in the other.

Perspective. It’s important.

So I find it fascinating that somebody actually figured up how many punch cards it would take to store a three-minute MP3. Egad.

And please don’t ask me why there’s a picture of a Lorne Greene Japanese single up there. It made sense when I started typing.

Found via Boing Boing.