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Behold: The Prophecy Has Come to Pass

Stumpy Has a Posse thinks that 2 Skinnee Js rock giant yak balls. Led by the inevitable A.J. “Stumpy” Johnson, O.B.E, they took rock and rap and fused it into a giant ball of sonic scrap metal that to this day no one has been able to pull apart and make a Jetta out of.

When they broke up, a musical light went out in the world, and no matter how many light bulbs we screwed into their place, we still kept falling on our asses going down the stairs.

So New York City, hear me now. They are reforming for a weekend of frivolity and badassery, just in time for 7/18 (of course), and if you’re in town and don’t go, then know that the Gods of Music will be tweaking your unprotected buttocks for eternity.

Go here to get your tickets. And tell them we sent you. And to please do another farewell tour. Please. Tell them we said to do it for the children, if not for themselves.

They’ll get the message.

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