The Untold Tales of FDR!

We’re throwing the history book aside. And with our latest contest, you will get the opportunity to win an action figure team-up which will dramatize some of the untold adventures of FDR: statesman, diplomat, U.S. president…adventurer and asskicker first class. Newly unclassified documents are being consulted to create the prize packs! So enter now and snicker later! Do it for Frank. If not for yourself.


  • FDR rocks! Or rolls, really.

    BTW, what’s a URI? I don’t have to piss in a cup if I win, do I?

  • URI means Uniform Resource Identifier. Why they couldn’t just say URL, I have no idea.

    As for pissing in a cup, you don’t have to, but you can if you want to. Just…don’t tell us about it.