Hellsing Soundtrack: Raid

Label: Pioneer

Hellsing is beyond a doubt one of the best anime series around, but is the music part of the reason, or what’s holding it back from being the best? Luckily, I’m happy to report that it’s part of the show’s success. The funky/strange “Sea of Chaos” contrasts nicely with the sweet and haunting “Bodhisattva of Cathedral.” Other solid choices are “Act of Demon or the Work of God,” “Non-Neurosis Tunes-Who the Hell Are You?” and the driving, no-nonsense “When You Start the War, Fight with Arrows, Spears, and Swords!” that sounds exactly like you would expect a song with that title to sound. And of course, the rollicking theme song, “World Without Logos,” is just excellent. From the calm “Requiem for the Living” to the moody and almost scary “Original Sin—For not keeping virginity,” you’ll know this one is a great choice for music fans, even if you’ve never seen the show and don’t care to.

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