Staying In With Vienna Shorts

Cooped up inside like the rest of the world, I found myself doing the same things everyone else was doing: puzzles, books, listening to music, and watching loads of TV and film. As I juggled streaming options, old black and white films, and monster movies I was pretty excited to get an online pass for Vienna Shorts 2020.

Held from May 28th to June 2 and featuring over 280 short films from around the world, there was a lot to dig into. One of the things I love about short films is that they force their creators to channel their creativity into delivering a story that doesn’t drag on or suffer from heavy editing by a studio. They are raw, they are inventive and, thankfully, they are able to be digested in short bites, allowing the viewer to come and go as they want.

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Please Stand By

Puppy Jinn, describing the state of the world

The world is experiencing a pandemic of COVID-19, the United States is experiencing an epidemic of racist assholes – and, the way this year is going – giant squid will roll out of the oceans in tank-like warcraft and shortly begin their conquest of the land.

Not trying to compare anything, but just to advise why we’ve gone dormant for the moment: at the TechoCave compound, we’ve experienced a major power outage, a critical hard drive failing, and Jinn’s back right leg getting screwed up. We will try to get our usual distractions from real life back up and running shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this hold music.

20 May 2020 Playlist: Tremendous Satisfaction

Louis Armstrong, singing about Suzy Cute

Middle of the week now. Hang in there. Before we get to today’s playlist of delights, I just want to state for the record: Louis Armstrong looks like he’s having a great time while he’s singing. But it is harder than you would think to get a screengrab of him singing which doesn’t make him look like he’s in excruciating pain.

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